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Story Submission Rules ~ Commas & Half Strokes

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Hello Writer!
1) Commas & Half Strokes provides you a platform to make your writings reach out to the masses. We totally understand that your creativity is limitless, hence we are not restricting the word limit for you. Anything in the format of flash fiction is acceptable.
Kindly go through our Facebook handle to get a fair idea about the length of the stories.

2) We hate plagiarism as much as you do, so please make sure the writing that you are submitting on this platform is your creation and not copied/inspired by any other source (Unless it is a current affair based story).

3) Please ensure that the content that you are submitting on this platform is exclusive and has not been published on any other platform. In case you don’t get a response from us within 14 business days of submission, please feel free to send it to other platforms.

5) Please ensure that your submissions are in the form of text only. (images will not be forwarded for review )

Also please be a responsible writer. We, obviously don’t want to snatch away our editors’ jobs. But we’ll be delighted to see you being careful with your writings. Like, it doesn’t have to be perfect. But writing ‘u’ for ‘you’, not using uppercase letters at the beginning of a sentence, replacing authenticated punctuations like commas and hyphens with ‘……..’, isn’t a welcome. Please take these points into notice.

6) The copyrights of every story submitted here lies with the writer. However, Commas & Half Strokes reserves the right to publish it across all our platforms and social handles along with proper credits.

7) Commas & Half Strokes reserves the right to edit or alter the structure of the story that you share for better clarity.

8) Commas & Half Strokes reserves the right to reject the stories without any explanation if it violates its policy. Repeated violation may attract a ban on the writer from submitting any further entries.

9) Although every effort is made to ensure the reliability of the information contained in the stories, Commas & Half Strokes shall not be held responsible for any loss caused due to misinformation.

We understand that you are not violating any of the above policies. So, please go ahead and submit your tale either via our Facebook handle or through the form here.
Happy writing!