Meet Mumbai Man Shahnawaz Shaikh Who Sold His Dream SUV To Fund Free Oxygen Cylinders For Coronavirus Patients


This 32 yrs old from Mumbai sold his dream SUV with customized number plate of 007 to provide oxygen cylinders to the needy.
Shahnawaz and his NGO have been doing COVID relief activities since the lockdown started.
They distributed food packets and water bottles to the migrants. All this Shahnawaz did it with his personal savings.
However, after a shocking incident, he decided to distribute oxygen cylinders to COVID patients.
Sister of his business partner, who was 6 months pregnant died in front of them after being turned away by 5 hospitals.
She could have been saved had she been provided oxygen in time.
After learning about the shortage of oxygen cylinders, Shahnawaz started distributing oxygen cylinders to the COVID patients for free, all with his personal savings.
To raise money for the cylinders, he also sold his dream SUV which he had purchased from his hard owned money.
On selling his car Shahnawaz says, It’s not hard to give up one car to save someone’s life
The heartwarming blessings Shahnawaz is receiving for his noble deed makes him happy
Kudos to this good samaritan for saving precious lives!


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