A new age digital media house where stories lead to action. At The Indian Feed (TIF), we believe, impactful storytelling weaved with a network of socially aware citizens can help in creating a better world. Human interest, social injustice, CSR, and everything social, we bring all these stories to your timeline. As a Google News verified entity, we strive to present before our readers every fact, every information, every aspect of the News, and challenge them to think and analyze. Instead of sharing that cliched News, we always look for what can help to make our readers aware and vigilant.
Having featured around 1000s of changemakers and unsung heroes, The Indian Feed now reaches out to around 25 million people on a monthly basis through its social media properties and official website www.theindianfeed.in. Our content is consumed by a young audience comprising mainly of the millennials, social changemakers, and activists who love to read, watch, and appreciate the social initiatives and changes.


Pen is a very light thing to carry in hand, but the responsibility it bestows on a writer’s shoulder is immense. And this is what THE INDIAN FEED believes in. We write not to entertain people, rather we intend at bringing a major and much needed change around us. Young minds of India are tamed so well since childhood that they seldom bother/dare to question something seeming wrong, if it bears the tag of ‘tradition’. But how can a dynamic system like ‘mind’ can so easily give up and get acclimatized to these ‘stereotypes’? So we decided to knock open a window for our readers through which they can look much beyond the validity of these stereotypes. Raise your voice. Speak up. Shout. Ask. Create a trend. The love we have been receiving from our readers and guest writers assures us our success. At last, it’s the thought of millions being penned down by some.

A platform to ask all your prohibited questions and answer the obvious ones. It is a horizon, yet to expand. Much beyond. Much far.

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